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World War 2 Movies

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World War 2 - Film Analysis Worksheet


You need to choose a film that is set during World War 2 in Europe or the Pacific. The eligible films are at the bottom of the page. The purpose of this assignment is for you to watch a film you haven't seen and analyze it with your understanding of U.S. History and World War 2. You need to watch it with a critical eye towards how the movie is treating the historical topic we are studying. 


In a typed, double-spaced, 12-pt, one-page report, follow the instructions below:   


Type the movie title, director and two leading actors in the movie on the top of your paper.

1st Paragraph: Summarize the plot of the movie

2nd Paragraph: Review the movie

  • Themes/Motifs/Style: What themes or motifs stand out? How do they contribute to the work? Are they effective or not?
  • Key Ideas: What is the main idea of the movie? What makes it good, different, or groundbreaking?
  • Quotes: What quotes stand out? How can you demonstrate the director's talent or the feel of the movie through a quote?
  • Personal Opinion: What did you like about it, What didn't you like; acting, directing, etc. Your opinion of the film and 3 reasons for that opinion.

3rd Paragraph: How does the movie tie into the history we've learned in class? What can you learn about the era in question from watching this movie?
Evaluate the historical accuracy of the film:

  • What is the film's bias?
  • What does it reflect about history that is accurate? Be specific.
  • Where may have the filmmakers stretched the story? Why?



Eligible films 

Band of Brothers                Not Rated; 2001; Color; Tom Hanks (at least two episodes, i.e. two hours worth) 

Boy in the Striped Pajamas   PG-13; 2008; 2008; Color; Asa Butterfield

Casablanca                        Not Rated; 1942; B & W; Humphrey Bogart 

Charlotte Gray                   PG-13; 2001; Color; Cate Blanchett

Defiance                            R; 2008; Color; Daniel Craig

Enemy at the Gates            R; 2001; Color; Jude Law 

Eye of the Needle               R; 1981; Color; Donald Sutherland

Fat Man and Little Boy        PG-13; 1989; Color; Paul Newman 

The Great Escape               Not Rated; 1963; Color; Steve McQueen 

Life is Beautiful                           PG-13; 1997; Color; Roberto Benigni

The Longest Day                Not Rated; 1962; B & W; John Wayne 

Memphis Belle                   PG-13; 1990; Color; Matthew Modine 

Midway                             PG; 1976; Color; Charlton Heston 

Patton                               PG; 1970; Color; George C. Scott 

The Pacific                         Not Rated; 2010; Color; Joseph Mazello (at least two episodes, i.e. two hours worth) 

The Pianist                        R; 2002; Color; Adrien Brody

Saints and Soldiers            PG-13; 2003; Color; Kirby Heyborne

Schindler's List                  R; 1993; Color; Liam Neeson  

South Pacific                     Not Rated; 1958; Color; Rossano Brazzi 

The Thin Red Line              R; 1999; Color; Kirk Acevedo 

Tora! Tora! Tora!                G; 1970; Color 

Tuskegee Airmen               PG-13; 1995; Color; Lawrence Fishburne 

Valkyrie                            PG-13; 2008; Color; Tom Cruise




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