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American History Documentaries

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DOCUMENTARIES- All are available to watch online

(*documentaries that will help you study for the AP test)


Freedom Riders *


  • In a two page, double-spaced, paper discuss the following questions.
  1. Why did people join the Freedom Rides? 
  2. When prejudice and racism are supported by both custom and law, what can be done to create a more inclusive society? How do you explain why there is often so much resistance to change?
  3. How does nonviolent direct action expose injustice? Why was it such an effective strategy for bringing about change during the civil rights movement?
  4. What role did the media play in the Freedom Rides? How do media shape our understanding of the issues of our time? 
  5. What does the story of the Freedom Riders suggest about the role of citizens in shaping democracy?


Murder of a President *


  • In a two page, double-spaced, paper discuss the following questions.
  1. In 1863 Lincoln told Garfield that he had enough generals, that he needed Garfield back in Washington. What did the President need Garfield's support for?
  2. How was Garfield a compromise candidate for the Republicans in 1880? 
  3. Why did Guiteau assassinate Garfield? How was this assassination a reflection of the partisan politics of the era?


Obama's Healthcare Deal *


  • In a two page, double-spaced, paper discuss the following questions.
  1. How has lobbying both improved and destroyed our legislative process.  What alternatives are there to lobbying?  Does Washington DC play fair?
  2. Why were Republicans so determined to end the Affordable Care Act in 2017, what alternatives are we now left with? [requires some outside searching] 


Ten Trillion, and Counting 


  • In a two page, double-spaced, paper discuss the following questions:
  1. What are some reasons why the budget deficit and non-budgeted spending have been adding more than $500 billion to the national debt in recent years?
  2. Name three countries that loan money to the U.S. government. What instruments do they receive to guarantee their loans?
  3. On several occasions, a balanced budget amendment has been proposed as law but not passed by Congress. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of having such a law?
  4. According to the program, entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid represent the biggest threat to the U.S. budget deficit. What reforms do you suggest to help avoid an unsustainable increase to the debt?
  5. Has anything changed in Washington today? Are we going to pay off our debt? 


Saving Capitalism [Only on Netflix]

  • In a two page, double-spaced, paper discuss the following questions:
  1. What are the major factors that have led to the current inequality in the U.S. economy?
  2. Why was Reich concerned with the bonuses that are paid to CEOs and top executives?
  3. What solutions does he propose for America? 



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