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Welcome to Ms. McDonald's US History 2700/2710 Class! 


Wilbur Wright on tour in Europe with his flying machine.  


Current chapters and Homework are found on the Right hand side --> 


Disclosure: CE US History Disclosure 2019.pdf  

Electronic Acknowledgement of Disclosure https://forms.gle/yinL7MA7HoN4Nhdn9 



Here is a glimpse of what we will learn this year:





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All pictures and images are courtesy of the Library of Congress (http://www.loc.gov) or the National Archives (http://www.nara.gov)  The linked YouTube videos are courtesy of the uploaders and I have no claim to their content.  and wordlists and powerpoint/outlines are based on Susan Pojer's homepage (http://www.historyteacher.net) and Greg Feldmeth's homepage at Polytechnic School (http://faculty.polytechnic.org//gfeldmeth/USHistory.html)


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