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C31-32 Modern America

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Chapters 31-32 The United States in the Post–Cold War World

The specific focus of this unit will be on:

A. The New Right and the Reagan revolution

          B. End of the Cold War

C. Globalization and the American economy

D. Unilateralism vs. multilateralism in foreign policy

E. Domestic and foreign terrorism

F. Environmental issues in a global context  


Reading Assignments:

Unfinished Nation Chapters 31                       Pgs. 753-57, 763-768, 774-775

Unfinished Nation Chapters 32                       Pgs. 778-779, 781-783, 789-793, 797-804 


Textbook Chapter:

Ch. 31 Brinkley 14.pdf

Ch. 32 Brinkley 14.pdf


Class Notes:

C31-32 Modern America Class Notes.pdf  




Homework Assignments: 

Printable copy of homework:

C31-32 Homework.pdf


Part 1 - Ideas/themes to know and include in your notes: 

Chapter 31

1. Election of 1976

2. Crisis of Confidence

3. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini & Iranian Revolution 

4. Reagan Coalition

5. Reaganomics

6. Persian Gulf War (1991) 

7. Election of 1992 and Ross Perot

Chapter 32

8. NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement

9. Lewinsky scandal

10. Bush v. Gore (2000)

11. The “underclass”

12. AIDS epidemic

13. Islamic Fundamentalism

14. War on Terrorism 


Part 2 - Vocabulary: These words are from the chapter, class readings, or discussion and will be used in context or need to be defined on the weekly chapter quiz.  https://www.merriam-webster.com  

















Definitions: Fill in the correct word that matches the definition listed. 

1.___________________(adj.) ready to take place; happening soon 

2.___________________(v.) to disperse or spread, like ideas or thoughts

3.___________________(adj.) tending to be troublesome or irritable

4.___________________(n.) the direct opposite 

5.___________________(n.) a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or slump 

6.___________________(n.) language intended to incite and encourage

7.___________________(n.) a disposition to be merciful or forgiving

8.___________________(n.) the quality or power of inspiring belief

9.___________________(adj.) prominent or standing out   

10.__________________(adj.) blunt in manner or speech to the point of rudeness

11.__________________(n.) a state of adjustment between opposing influences

12.__________________(n.) the development of an increasingly integrated global economy, especially free trade

13.__________________(adj.) containing or made up of fundamentally different and often incongruous elements

14.__________________(adj.) left to individual choice or judgment

15.__________________(n.) prompt response; cheerful readiness


Synonyms: Fill in the correct vocabulary word that is closest to the synonym provided. 

1.___________________Dormancy or moratorium

2.___________________Elective or optional

3.___________________Propagate or circulate

4.___________________Admonition or encouragement

5.___________________Willingness or amenability

6.___________________Dissimilar or divergent

7.___________________Conspicuous or distinguished 

8.___________________Lenience or charity

9.___________________Balance or stasis

10.__________________Quarrelsome or unruly

11.__________________Opposite or counter

12.__________________Trustworthiness or integrity

13.__________________Impending or looming

14.__________________Internationalize or world development

15.__________________Curt or bluff  


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