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Civil War Movie Extra Credit

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Civil War Movie Enrichment
You may watch a movie for enrichment if you would like.  The movie you choose must be from the list below which is relevant to the time period we are studying.  After viewing the movie, there is a Movie Critique form you need to follow if you want the enrichment points.  You can earn 30 points depending on how well you complete the Movie Critique.

These movies have a variety of ratings and suitability, choose one that you are comfortable watching, that is why there are multiple films listed.

Andersonville (TV, Not Rated, 1996) ~ Jarrod Emick
The Blue and the Gray (1985, Not Rated) ~ Patrick Swayze

The Conspirator (2010, PG-13) ~ Robin Wright
Gettysburg (1993, Rated PG) ~ Tom Berenger
Gods and Generals (2003, Rated PG-13) ~ Jeff Daniels
Glory (1989, Rated R) ~ Denzel Washington
Gone With the Wind (1939, Rated G) ~ Clark Gable (This is an overly sentimental and decidedly pro-Confederacy view of the war, be careful taking it as truth)
Lincoln (2012, Rated PG-13) ~ Daniel Day Lewis


INSTRUCTIONS:  Answer the following questions and follow the directions given....

Write the movie title, director and two leading actors in the movie on the top of your paper.

1st Paragraph:  Summarize in the plot of the movie

2nd Paragraph:  Review the movie

    • Themes/Motifs/Style: What themes or motifs stand out? How do they contribute to the work? Are they effective or not? 
    • Key Ideas: What is the main idea of the movie? What makes it good, different, or groundbreaking?
    • Quotes: What quotes stand out? How can you demonstrate the author’s talent or the feel of the book through a quote?
    • Personal Opinion: What did you like about it, What didn't you like; acting, directing, etc.  Your opinion of the film and 3 reasons for that opinion.

3rd Paragraph:  How does the movie tie into the history we've learned in class?  What can you learn about the era in question from watching this movie? 

Evaluate the historical accuracy of the film: 

·  What is the film's bias? 

·  What does it reflect about history that is accurate? Be specific.

·  Where may have the filmmakers stretched the story? Why?




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